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Welcome to the Injury Treatment Center! We are located in Chino, off of Pipeline and Edison.

We specialize in personal injury cases, including complex injuries. If you are suffering from any type of pain or injury, we can help identify your specific issue through an MRI that provides the images necessary for an accurate diagnosis. Additionally, our specialists will explain the findings and recommended treatment options

At SCITC, we care about you and your health, so we always put you first. We have a simple principle when treating our patients. We believe that patients should be given a choice of alternative treatment options, such as regenerative medicine/stem cell treatment. We want the safest and less invasive treatment for our patients. Our passion is helping people.

Leading our Center is a team of healthcare professionals who strive to deliver the best possible care for their patients. Their philosophy is to provide treatment options that may alleviate pain and begin the healing process.


If you were involved in an accident or work/sport injury, or even experiencing minor pain, we can provide you with the most effective way to treat your pain.

Our team is ready to immediately take care of you! We will start by pinpointing the cause of your pain and provide you with a detailed report along with the MRI images. Our treatment center gives accurate evaluations followed by unsurpassed treatment! We are proud to have a team of exceptional specialists to provide you the best possible care to benefit your overall health.

For Whom

Anyone experiencing pain should start with an evaluation to get immediate answers and images of the cause. YES, we can SHOW you the Injury on our advanced images.

Our specialists treat minor and major injuries and handle cases that are both straight forward and complex. Attorneys love us because we provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan to optimize results.

Our Goals

We take pride in giving you accurate results and customized medical treatments of treatments as well as supplements that will help reduce pain and restore quality of life!

  • Find the cause of pain and develop a Treatment Plan
  • Reduce and ultimately eliminate pain
  • Reduce medical care costs costs by minimizing Hospitalization and Emergency room visits.

Radiologist/Spectrum MRI Imaging

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is a way of obtaining images of various parts of your body without involving x-rays and/or other radiation. MRI scans illustrate the difference between healthy and diseased tissue, and can provide important information about the brain, spine, joints and internal organs. It can lead to early detection and treatment of disease. These images are detailed, accurate, and we guarantee no one else will compare when it comes to pinpointing injury or illness on our advanced images. These scans are reviewed by Board Certified Radiologists who will write you a comprehensive report on any findings and recommendations.

Neurological and Spinal

A Neurosurgeon focuses on diagnosis and treatment of injuries and diseases affecting the brain, spine, and nervous system, with an emphasis on treatment and pain management. A Neuro surgeon may recommend a surgical or non-surgical care depending on the nature of the injury or illness.

These specialists aim to get patients into a treatment program quickly in order effectively control or eliminate symptoms.


Orthopaedic surgeons involve the treatments of diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system. These surgeons use both surgical and nonsurgical means to treat musculoskeletal trauma, sports injuries, degenerative diseases, infections, and tumors.

Common Conditions that are treated include:

Arthritis, bone tumors, cerebral palsy, dislocations, fractures, tendon damage, and spine disorders.


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